SQL Server Presentations

Bill Graziano has delivered these presenations at user groups and major conferences. Each presentation includes a download of the slides and all demo files.

What I Wish Developers Knew About SQL Server

As a consultant, I visit many companies that are having performance of configuration problems with SQL Server. This session describes some of the most common problems I see from clients and explains how to avoid them. I cover reading query plans, SQL Profiler, indexing, correlated sub-queries, temporary tables, and user-defined functions, error handling and transactions and show how you can use them together to improve performance.

Preparing to be Hacked

They are going to get in. This session talks briefly about how they get in. But they are going to get in. It talks a little about security best practices. But one little mistake by anyone and they are in. How will you know they’re in? How will you know how they got in? What do they want? How will you know what they’re doing? How will you know if you’ve kicked them out? This session will focus on the type of logging and tripwires you’ll need to respond to a breach of your SQL Servers. It includes a mix of technical solution and process recommendations based on actual incidents.

Building a Modern Transaction System on SQL Server

Developers today face an onslaught of data storage applications. Various NoSQL offerings promise performance, scalability and easy development on commodity boxes. How does one get these benefits in SQL Server? What does a SQL Server application built today using the newest features and best practices look like? This session will discuss client applications, new SQL Server features and application architectures to support a modern, high-throughput transaction environments.

Concurrency and Asynchronous Processing in SQL Server

The fastest way to process large amounts of data in SQL Server is using set-based operations. That is if you can stand the blocking. This session walks through different ways to think about applications when transaction blocking becomes your biggest problem. It covers specific T-SQL suggestions to minimize the rows locked, application architectures to maximize concurrency and reporting solutions to reduce impact on the production database. And always lots of demos and spirited discussion.

Writing Faster SQL

This presentation walks through common steps a developer can take to write faster SQL statements and applications.

SQL Server Administration Presentation

A “PowerPoint-less” presentation on SQL Server Administration for new DBAs and non-DBAs.

Query Plan Usage Presentation

Covers the details of query plan usage.